"I recently signed up to The Women’s Room and gave my first interview just a few days later. Running a group promoting women within the games industry where the latest available figures put women at just 6% of the workforce; I spend a lot of time encouraging women to find their voices and talk more in public. Although I don’t feel hugely comfortable labelling myself as an expert I am being to appreciate that I do have in-depth knowledge of my specialties and I can give a different perspective to other potential interviewees.

The Women’s Room provides a simple and effective service linking experts to journalists, I have recommended it to supporters of Women in Games Jobs and to other women at events that I speak at. We need to hear women’s voices more to act as role-models and normalise the role of women in every sector. From my experience women are less likely to push themselves forward and seek out these opportunities however the Women’s room makes your details available and connects you to those looking for your experience, expertise and specialities in a controlled and comfortable way."
- Gina Jackson

Games Consultant Blushing Blue & CEO Women in Games Jobs

"I had been seeking female guests to invite to my school (Hamilton Community College, in Leicester) to celebrate International Women’s Day.

I happened across The Women’s Room on Twitter, and took it from there – within a short period of time I had discovered local experts in various fields, had made direct contact with four, and had two confirmations by the end of the day - it was simple and very user friendly, with immediate results.

Using The Women’s Room database made things so much easier for me – the two experts (Kaitlynn Mendes and Charley Christopher) were both excellent guests, and well received by the students here. I cannot praise The Women’s Room enough, and would definitely use the network again (and have now actually pointed experts that I know in their direction to sign up!)."

- Marc Fairclough

Head of Hamilton Community College, Leicester

"I would just like to express my admiration for your project! I am a former TV journalist, understand the "problem" with women guests in the media, especially on TV. New media and new platforms offer new opportunities and we need to grab them with both hands. I am now working on a web project in Slovenia metinalista.si dedicated to empowering women voices. You are a great example how things should be done."

- Natasha Briski

"I stumbled across The Women's Room last year, while looking for an interviewee on a specific subject, and was really impressed. As a journalist, particularly when working at very short notice, it's really useful to be able to access a bank of people who have signaled a clear interest in speaking in public, and whose experience and contact details you can see at a glance.

An invaluable resource."

- Kira Cochrane  

The Guardian

"The Women's Room has changed the way that I think about female representation in the media and has already had a significant impact on my work. In my new job, I needed to find expert clinicians who could feature in the press section of our new website and was given the contact details of four male clinicians. Rather than follow up with these selected contacts, I responded and asked for female clinicians as well. Before reading about the Women's Room, I would not have had the confidence to do this or understood the impact of lack of female representation in the media. When the new website goes live, it will feature male and female experts. Hopefully this will reflect the fact that expertise is not gendered and perhaps even encourage more women to go into this field."

- Anonymous Submission