We are in desperate need of an admin assistant!

We can't pay you at present as we are all volunteers, but we hope to get funding shortly, so if it works out well we may be able to employ you formally in the future. Duties will mainly involve dealing with website queries and updating our specialisms list - so the ability to use a simple CMS and good grasp of grammar & spelling are a must! You should also be fairly technologically literate, as most of the email queries will be about people's profiles. You can also volunteer to do a guest slot on our twitter feed or to write a post for our blog. If you're interested in any of these roles, please contact us through the website and we'll be in touch.


So you want to donate? Thank you so much! We currently run The Women's Room in our spare time, but even so things like hosting and printing cost money! We also have so many exciting plans and projects to help towards our goal of having women make up 50% of experts in the media - but they all need funding! As much as you can manage is hugely appreciated - and if you can't support financially yourself, please do pass on this page to someone you know who can!

We owe so much to so many people, but in particular to the amazing and generous people who dug into their pockets and donated the money that enabled this website to happen. We will be listing them here in due course as our way of saying thank you.

Help us spread the word!

There are loads of things you can do to help us make sure our database is the last word in female experts.

How about printing off this awesome flyer designed for us by Empowering Movement and sticking it around your uni, your gym, your community centre?

Or buy our t-shirt, also designed by Empowering Movement and available here! All proceeds go back to us, and helping get women's voices represented in the media!

You can also support us by adding a twibbon to your twitter and Facebook avis! Get yours here.

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