THE WOMEN'S ROOM celebrated our official launch in London on 23rd April... 

It was fantastic! Thank you to all those who came and in particular our speakers, Liz Barclay, Lis Howell, Tami Hoffman, Camila Ruz, and Vicky Beeching.

We are also hugely grateful to Nesta, who helped us by giving us the space and staff... 

and to Authentic Living , who sponsored the event - we couldn't have done it without them!

Huge thanks to Historyworks, who supported the launch by recording the speakers and making podcasts, also capturing the event with stills photography, and finally at the end of the event did an archive of the tweets via Storify.  See below to find links - please do share them around! 

And finally, don't forget to register and to get all your expert friends to register! Together, we can make the media listen to us and use our expertise!