Woodside Park Synagogue supports our #banknotes campaign & relates it to Torah teachings on their blog

A reflection on our #banknotes campaign on Centennial Professor at LSE’s Gender Institute  Professor Mary Evans' blog

Professional support website Women in German spotlights The Womens Room as a valuable members' resource

Huffington Post UK ranks founder Caroline Criado Perez alongside Sarah Brown & Laurie Penny - women to watch

The Blackpool Gazette says our #banknotes campaign "strikes the right note

Huffington Post UK chose The Womens Room as one of THE websites for women in 2013

The LA Times is taking an ongoing interest in our #banknotes campaign

The Telegraph picked up on the legal challenge our #banknotes campaign makes to Bank of England decision making

Vancouver Sun covering our successful #banknotes campaign & lamenting a lack of women on Canada's own currency

Columnist Zoe Williams devoted her Saturday Guardian piece to our #banknotes campaign

Our #banknotes campaign continues to get worldwide coverage International Times

Our #banknotes campaign covered by Yahoo News

#Banknotes campaign covered by the Belfast Telegraph as our 30,000 name petition was delivered to Bank of England

The New Statesmen reflects on the success of our campaigning, led by founder Caroline Criado Perez

Scottish newspaper The Herald report on the Bank of England's response to our #banknotes campaign

BBC Business News report that new Governor of the Bank of England confirms that our #banknote campaign is top priority

Article by our co-founder Caroline Criado Perez  in The Guardian outlining the legal wrangling with the Bank of England.

ITV News website covered our march to highlight the #banknotes campaign.

Our #banknotes campaign is at the heart of this article on The Huffington Post about great campaigning.

Ed Miliband gives public support to our #banknotes campaign while being criticised for his own party's gender profile New Statesman

Caroline Criado Perez' open letter to the incoming Governor of the Bank of England covered on the Channel 4 News website

Our founder Caroline Criado Perez' open letter to the incoming Governor of the Bank of England received wide coverage The Telegraph

Women's Minister Maria Miller added her voice to the growing number of MPs behind our #banknotes campaign The Telegraph

The Guardian reported Ed Miliband's speech, pointing to our #banknotes campaign addressing the "crisis" in the representation of women

Labour leader Ed Miliband spoke of a "crisis" in gender representation BBC News

Time magazine recognised the leadership of one of our founders in the #banknotes campaign.

Canadian newspaper The Globe & Mail covered our #banknotes story

Our #banknotes campaign drew the attention of the Los Angeles Times

Our #banknotes campaign made the Financial Times today!


Have a look through some of our recent press features; more to follow as we grow. If you spot us anywhere and we somehow miss it, don't forget to let us know!

If you are a member of the press and are interested in featuring The Women's Room or any of our experts, please do get in touch with us

Fantastic piece on the BBC News Website about our #banknotes campaign!

Brief mention in this great Independent piece about the LRB's seeming inability to find female authors and reviewers

We've appeared in The Times twice today! News story here and Leader article here. We're also on the front page!

Today we also featured on Sky News Sunrise (listen from 2mins)

...on BBC Radio 4 Today

...on the Channel 4 News

...on the Channel 4 News website

...Stylist Magazine

...and, our favourite, the Daily Mail, where our campaign was labelled a "furious feminist backlash"!

Our co-founder Caroline Criado-Perez spoke on BBC Radio Leicester about our #banknotes campaign - listen from 2hrs53m

Stella Creasy has rounded up 46 Labour MPs & Peers to sign a letter to the Bank of England and Davide Cameron asking for action on our #banknotes campaign! Featured in The Telegraph

Our #banknotes campaign has reached Canada and The Globe & Mail!

Our #banknotes campaign has been featured in XOJane

Women in Engineering has written a letter to the Bank of England calling for a female engineer on banknotes! Featured in The Telegraph

Stella Creasy wrote a brilliant piece about our banknotes campaign in the New Statesman

BBC Woman's Hour had our co-founder Caroline Criado-Perez on to talk about our banknotes campaign

We have been featured in the Huffington Post about our legal challenge

News of our banknotes petition has reached the Scotsman!

Very supportive article about our petition in The Telegraph today!

The Independent ran a great story about our #banknotes petition -we love the mock-ups!

We were featured in BBC Radio 4's PM following on from the Bank of England's poor response to our legal challenge about #banknotes

Our co-founder was interviewed in The Journal of Wild Culture

Lovely brief mention in a Guardian article about the revival of feminism (we agree, it never really went away)

We have issued a legal challenge to the Bank of England under article 149 of the Equality Act; the story is covered in The Observer

We have been featured in a great Telegraph article on women and petitions!

We've started a petition asking the Bank of England to keep a woman on our banknotes and it's got a bit of attention!

Here we are on BBC Woman's Hour - listen from 9.40m in

Here we are in The Guardian

And in The Independent

And now in the Daily Mail!

The Sunday Times - British Library List of 100 websites being saved for posterity!

"The Women’s Room tackles the under-representation of women on expert panels and in the media. Will be a great source for biographies of fascinating women, and also show how issues of gender equality are played out in 2013"

The Guardian - a brief but lovely mention 

New Left Project  - interview with one of our founders