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Dara O'Briain's Science Lab, BBC2 Aug/Sep 2013

...consistently has female experts on the programme and not just in the same-old-same-old roles. So many erudite women physicists, engineers, technologists - fantastic role models.

- Submitted by Dr Suuzanne Conboy-Hill

The Review Show, BBC4, 14/07/2013

Three women and one man.

- Submitted by Claire Moore

Start the Week, BBC Radio 4, 10/06/2013

Well done @BBCRadio4 Start the Week - 50:50 split on experts this am on Russia.

- from twitter

Question Time, BBC1, 02/05/2013

Four women and David Starkey - what could possibly go wrong? By all accounts a great Question Time.

- TWR - but brought to our attention by numerous tweets we received

Constant Cravings, BBC Radio 4, 30/04/2013

A female presenter and 5 out of 7 experts interviewed were female. I must confess a vested interest - I was the presenter... 

- Submitted by Sally Marlow

In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, 18/04/13

A better balance this week - 2 out of 3 experts female, on "Putney debates of 1647". Nice one Melvyn.

- Submitted by Judi Sutherland

Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home, BBC4, 03/04/2013

Female presenter, female director/producer, 2/3 female exec. producers, and 50% female experts. 

- Submitted by Susie Burlace

Countryfile, BBC1, 07/04/2013

Invited experts included Emilie Murphy (PhD candidate, University of York) who advised the programme on Rushton Triangular Lodge and then Laura Malpas from the National Trust advised on Canons Ashby in Northamptonshire. 

- Submitted by Ms Emilie Murphy

In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, 28/03/2013

Great contribution from Patricia Hunt, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, Imperial College London.

​- Submitted by Ming Ho

Newsnight, BBC2, 19/03/2013

Good to see that 3 out of 4 guests in a debate on the budget were female

- Submitted by Lorraine Francis

The Human Zoo, BBC Radio 4, 12/03/2013
Almost a sinner! Not a single female voice for the first 15mins, but the second half balanced it out to a 50/50 gender ratio on experts overall. Close one BBC!

​- Submitted by The Women's Room

Newsnight, BBC2, 13/12/2012
An all-female Newsnight, from presenters to guests - on economics no less!

- Submitted by Anon

The Big Debate (Scottish Independence),  BBC Scotland,  29/06/2012

An all female panel from both sides of the debate weighed in with their opinions on the Scottish Independence Referendum.

​- Submitted by Anon

Guardian newspaper sport supplement 28/01/14

there is no mention of, or any pictures of sportswomen. In 8 pages of sporting news one female face - that of Karren Brady who is an exec not a sportsperson.

Louise Taylor, a female journalist for the Guardian wrote 2 articles in today's sports supplement, the remaining 21 were written by men.

There is meant to be an average of 5% coverage of women in sport in the media but today's was nearer 0%.

- submitted by Anon

Week in Westminster, BBC Radio 4 14/09/2013

Two women in half an hour of analysis and debate; seven men

​- Submitted by Caroline Criado-Perez

FM, ongoing, submitted July 2013

I listen to Classic FM for at least an hour each day, and can tell that there are no female composers and no female conductors; thank goodness there are excellent female performers though. Classic FM has been praised for popularising classical music; very easy to do, really, when you only play 'popular' works. In the light of their gender bias their claim that they educate is a flimsy one.

- Submitted by Brigitte Lechner

BBC Sport Homepage, 10/07/13, 3:15pm

Very 'male heavy' with its content considering we are at the start of the Women's Euro 2013 Cup. You have to scroll a considerable way down the page until you find a single women's story!?

- Submitted by Phil W

Today, BBC Radio 4, 29/06/2013

Male interviewer for discussion of decline in breastfeeding figures.

- Submitted by Maureen Speller

Just a Minute, BBC Radio 4, 17/06/2013

All male panel despite female producer.

- Submitted by Miss Sylvia Jay

Obituaries, The Guardian, 06/2013

The Guardian Obituaries are very heavily biased towards men as if women have not achieved in the world. I have spoken to them and they replied along the lines of they print what they are given. I believe they should be out there searching for a more even spread of coverage.

- Submitted by Ms Sandra Akerman

Have Your Say, 03/05/2013

@BBC_HaveYourSay Why all men presenters &panel (except Emily M?) Do main 3 parties &BBC have no women?" @TheWomensRoomUK

​- from twitter

BBC News, BBC News Channel, 03/05/2013

No women on the @BBCNews panel discussing the #election2013 results. Shame. 

- from twitter

Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live, 02/05/2013

Feature on woman's football and new league structure. They interviewed 2 men about the state of women's football and finance implications. Later they allowed a woman to comment on the story. But women weren't involved in discussion about money.

- Submitted by Fiona Hodge

BBC Northwest Tonight, 30/04/2013

I have been watching "University Challenge" so when it was announced that the wining team from Manchester University was going to appear on Northwest Tonight on Tuesday April 30th I waited until they appeared. I was disappointed that the one woman member of the team was not only absent but also was not mentioned during the report despite her three younger male counterparts being there and chatting about themselves. 

- Submitted by James Beattie

Channel 4 News, 24/04/2013

Item on possible migration to UK by Romanians and Bulgarians. Discussion item held in Southampton. Male presenter, panel of 4 white, male politicians. Comments from audience by 4 men and 2 women.

- Submitted by Margaret Hallah

The One Show, BBC1,  19/4/13

A report promoting a breast-cancer campaign. 4 male celebrities and 0 women give their thoughts during a journey to John O'Groats in a pink car. Perhaps the BBC were concerned about female driving?

- Submitted by Rhianna Jones

Question Time, BBC1, 11/04/2013

The debate was on Margaret Thatcher the first female prime minister. They chose a panel that was old, white, posh and apart from one woman, male. The comments were allowed to be misogynistic and demeaning, especially to the questions from the young women in the audience. There was no discussion on Thatcher as a questionable feminist, something which a lot of women in politics feel, highlighted by Glenda Jackson this week. Question time needs to modernise if it wants to remain relevant to women and young people. Lazer Epilasyon İstanbul Dudak Dolgusu İstanbul Lazer Epilasyon Ankara

- Submitted by Emily Kelly

The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4, 09/04/2013

The Today programme on BBCR4 this morning, in discussing Margaret Thatcher's impact on women in politics included two women, but no experts. Why not include a historian, rather than a journalist: sheer laziness in sourcing contacts, I suspect....

- Submitted by Dr Elaine Chalus

ITV News at 10pm, 08/04/2013

ITV News at 10pm, as part of Thatcher tribute, showed little round up of all the times she had cried or shown emotion in public. I'm not entirely sure what the point of it was - whether to show that she was a woman after all, or that is was rare.

- Submitted by Louise Dillon

The Sunday Times, 07/04/2013

Headline "Harvey's wife wins the National" on front page of The Sunday Times 7th April 2013. Sue Smith is only the third woman to train the winner of the world's most famous steeplechase. The details go on to say that her husband is also her co-trainer, but she's credited first and foremost for being his wife.

- Submitted by Lorraine Francis

David Bowie is, Victoria and Albert Museum, 03/04/2013

The Bowie exhibition at the V&A has several evening talk sessions without one woman. It seems no women ever listened to Bowie music or was influenced by him. . .

Submitted by Ms Rachel McCormack

Thinking Allowed, BBC Radio 4, 03/04/2013

Discussion on women in the Armed Forces - no women involved

- Sudmitted by It's Just a Hobbb

Goodbye Television Centre, BBC4, 23/03/2013

In first half hour Michael Grade interviewed 8 men and 0 women. Turned off. 

- Submitted by Dr Julie Scanlon ​

Jonathan Ross Show, ITV, 23/03/2013

5 male guests, *no* women.

- Submitted by Ming Ho

In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, 21/03/2013

All male panel on Alfred Russel Wallace.

​- Submitted by The Women's Room

The Culture Show, BBC4, 20/03/2013

This week on cultural, architectural and artistic heritage - and, bless them, they just couldn't find any women experts. Although they did find a few to dress up as servants.

- Submitted by Dr Deborah Sugg Ryan

The Human Zoo, BBC Radio 4, 19/03/2013

Only one female expert in the whole programme. Disappointing and unnecessary.

​- Submitted by The Women's Room

Newsnight, BBC2, 14/03/2013
Two all-male panels: one on Leveson & one on Mid Satffordshire NHS Trust

- Submitted by Morag Watson

Wake Up To Money, BBC Radio 5 Live, 13/03/2013

30 mins of female free finance from 5.30 to 6am.
Only ever male presenters - and can easily go weeks without hearing a female guest voice.

- Submitted by Anon

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