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Authentic Living - is a London based Leadership Consultancy specialising in helping women find access to power and their authentic voice. It's led by Lee Chalmers who believes that women taking on leadership is one of the most crucial actions necessary to change the world. Lee coaches at London Business School and The University of Chicago - Booth Business School.

Changing People - a mix of advice and support from Jane C Woods for women, interlaced with some of the latest research on gender, a feminist take on the world of work, interviews with women to inspire you, along with some helpful personal development exercises, and advice on advancing your career

Empowering Movement - "Forward-thinking fashion"; clothes with a message. Look good and be good!

Women On Air – Women on Air is a voluntary networking group that runs seminars and informal training workshops to help give women the skills and confidence to go on radio and television. The site has a free resource, called THE LIST, which has almost 1,000 listings for female area experts.

Members' Blogs / Recommendations

The mainstream media often lets us down. Luckily we now live in the internet age and lots of intelligent women are demonstrating exactly what we have to offer. Please recommend blogs for this page by submitting here


www.lexiconlane.co.uk - Passionate, opinionated and to the point, Lexicon Lane is the blog from freelance writer, journalist and mother, Donna Navarro: Donna has over ten years of experience in the criminal justice sector working with high risk offenders and perpetrators of domestic abuse. Her writing interests and her blog tend to focus on issues surrounding social justice and women's rights and their relevant campaigns. Her blog contains some powerful writing, raising awareness on the issues surrounding violence against women.

weekwoman.wordpress.com/ - A Pox on the Patriarchy. Blog for women who are interested in anything and everything. Unashamedly feminist, political and, dare I say it, sometimes intellectual.


berimbaudrum.org: Berimbaudrum was published in September and it has already been successful in engaging a good audience. I created this blog after reflecting about the presence of music in all cultures and its relationship with colonialism and globalization, in particular imposition of commercial worldwide in contrast with the changes brought by the Internet. I thought that it was also time to talk about World Music from a non Europe/USA centred perspective. As the blog developed I also realised that this is another field where women are under represented or pressurized into giving in to their objectification. As a woman, I also realised that as I advance into developing the idea into small projects, that although this field is more progressive and multicultural, I am still having to deal with the same misogynistic attitudes found in IT. But above all, this is a labour of love, a subject which I enjoy immensely writing about.

savethewomenslibrary.blogspot.co.uk not my website - but currently a really important campaign. So few women's buildings left in London. LSE are saying they have "saved" the Women's Library - but they are merely taking the collections and putting them in their own library in Holborn -  completely different outcome - and they are refusing to meet with people to discuss alternatives.

captainawkward.com This website is truly amazing. It's an advice column which deals largely with interpersonal and communication issues. It's funny, wise, accessible, and most importantly it recognises a few key issues around consent and relationships that make it feminist & progressive as well as useful.

drhelenwright.com/blog A regular blog on education, girls, women and gender issues.

irantthereforeiamdotcom.wordpress.com A blog that comments on women, media, women in the media, general thoughts on various issues of the day.

notanotherslipperydip.wordpress.com excellent blog for mums

fightforyourchild.com Refusing to accept illiteracy & discrimination as outcomes for people with learning differences. Demanding a fair & relevant education for all. FFYC is written by a parent who had to educate her own children because the English State School system failed them. Offering ideas on providing learning support for your own children. Focusing on SpLDs (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Dysgraphia etc). Keeping an eye on Education news & issues. Advocating for children with SpLDs.

thatsnotmyage.blogspot.com That's Not My Age is a fashion blog for grown-ups that tries not to take itself to seriously. Written by an industry insider who strongly believes that you don't have to have youth to have style.

yourdaughterswillbenext.wordpress.com/ Deconstructing what the mainstream media tells us it is to be feminine. Might be too sarcastic for some.

IndependentVoicesandIndependentblogs Blog on those defenceless and vulnerable in society so often forgotten or hidden from public view but so frequently abused and exploited in silence when we too often choose to look the other way. This planet is home to other species too, who have emotions and feel and suffer just like we do. This blog is a voice speaking out for them.

courage-is.blogspot.com This is my blog on bringing up a daughter with Asperger's Syndrome: http://www.courage-is.blogspot.com. It looks at perceptions of autism and aspergers, depression and mental health. My aim is to look more closely at what it means to be female and autistic in a world of male stereotypes on the subject, as well as to broaden the conversation about inclusivity in schools and what provision is made for special educational needs and how working families cope with the challenges that are thrown at them.

stavvers.wordpress.com Suggesting my personal blog here, which is largely about feminism, anarchism with some psychology thrown in.

prcompany.org.uk This is a PR blog I set up a couple of years ago and a working progress. Hope you enjoy reading!

lipsticksocialist.wordpress.com I started my blog; lipsticksocialist.wordpress.com because I wanted to challenge ideas around being female, working class and socialist. My aim is also to get people out on the streets not rack up the number of hits on my site. My series Political Women profiles women who are active in their community,trade union or campaign. It aims to encourage other women to get active! solidarity LSx

allthatchas.blogspot.com Over four years old now, what started as a space for me to rant about the sexism I regularly encounter has become a resource for all things feminist. The topics I write about include: media sexism, feminism and politics, reproductive rights, physical and sexual violence against women, sexuality, body image and many more. If it's in the news and it affects women, chances are I'll be writing about it. And if it's not in the news, I'll be asking why!

educationforchoice.blogspot.com - This is the blog of pro-choice education project Education For Choice (EFC). It's a feisty blog which cuts through all the crap in the media about abortion provides reliable evidence-based information as well as engaging commentary on issues relating to young people's sexual health, contraception, abortion, the anti-abortion movement and more.

thewomenscollection.wordpress.com - looking to build a collection of women worth watching across a range of fields who are all doing their bit in the fight toward gender equality.

itsjustahobby.wordpress.com Summing up hobby is quite difficult, but it is pro choice, pro equality, pro sex work, sex positive, and one of the writers is a woman who is not afraid to call out feminists when she believes they are unwilling to address their own privilege. ! It does have adult content. because sex positive without actual sex would just be meaningless words.

nickyswords.com A blog musing on words, how we use them and how they evolve - sometimes light-hearted, sometimes less so

HelpingYouHarmonise.com Helping You Harmonise is a blog that reflects on the themes of musicianship, learning and excellence as they manifest in my work with singers, choirs and conductors.

www.danceofred.com focuses on issues on gender violence, sexual violence & various resources. I am confident people will find it immensely helpful as a tool of information

coopercity.co.uk This is my financial blog - I try my best to explain finance and economics to the lay-person in an engaging, entertaining and informative way. To me finance and economics are the stuff of life and utterly fascinating.

www.femmemeetsfemme.wordpress.com ​a blog about identity and social issues for femme lesbians (feminine or 'lipstick' lesbians who are attracted to other feminine women) - a group of the lesbian community currently under-represented, and often invisible/dismissed as inauthentic. I also talk about wider lesbian and gay issues - my argument is really that we need diversity within the LGBTQ community as well as being a tick box for diversity within society as a whole


dirtylittlewhispers.com A sex and relationship blog featuring sex toy reviews, campaigns and an insight into depression. Working on breaking down the media's representation of what is beautiful.

dementiajustaintsexy.blogspot.co.uk Not a daily care blog or advice site (there are plenty of good ones out there), this is a place to share thoughts about the impact of dementia on those who live with it - who could be any of us. Some posts analysis, particularly dissent on headline dementia stories in the news (socialcare, diagnosis, funding, statistics, disproportionate impact on women); some more personal and dramatic on the realities of living with dementia.

www.justthewomen.com: Lee Chalmers' feminist blog, occasionally straying into the world of technology and leadership. Cross posted in Huffington Post.