Before sending a message, please make sure it hasn’t been answered in the FAQs below - it really helps manage the workload of The Womens Room volunteers.

Please don’t use this form to get yourself listed as an Expert – click on the Get Listed menu above

Who Can Get Listed?
Any woman can get listed, so long as you have an area that you feel able to talk about, based on professional, personal or academic experience, you belong here.

How Do I Get Listed?
Click here and fill in the details

How Can I Edit my Details?
Log in to your account and just get editing – it should all be self-explanatory, but do contact us if not.

My Area of Expertise isn’t Listed
If your area isn’t listed on the site, please tell us. Too often as women we are expected to fit into boxes created for us by other people so we are firmly committed to enabling women to self-define. Do bear in mind, that the specialisms lists are sub-divided up to 5 levels - eg 'Astrophysics' will be found under Science > Physics > Astrophysics.

It Keeps Saying I Haven't Selected an Expertise - but I Have!
To select a specialism you need to click "Add to list" after you have highlighted it.

My Entry Isn’t Up Yet /I Haven't Had a Confirmation Email
Your entry should be up within a few days; please keep checking. Check your spam folder for a confirmation email, as it may be in there. You can log in using the password you selected even without the email. If you've forgotten your password you can request it here.

Find an Expert
Go to the find an expert page where you will find you can search by specialism, keyword or location – or a combination. If you can’t find who you’re looking for, get in touch with us – we will do what we can to find the woman expert you need.

Recommend a Friend
We recognise that many women lack the faith in themselves and the value of their contribution to public debate to designate themselves an “Expert”. To this end we have a recommend a friend facility and we look forward to receiving all your recommendations.

I Don't Work in the Media - can I Access your Database?
Under Data Protection law we can only allow bona fide media access to our full database, but if you'd like to reach out to one of our experts as a speaker or in another capacity, please get in touch and we will contact them on your behalf.

I Would like to Help!
Thank you! We are always looking for volunteers to help out, since this is a labour of love, not profit. If you can help with social media, research, budgeting, or anything else, we want to hear from you. Please submit a contact form telling us your availability and how you can help us.

How can I delete my profile?
Please let us know your display and full name by emailing through the contact form and we will delete your profile for you

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