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Live ? Debbie H 1
How much is WR being used? Hilary B3 1
Musings from a newbie Yasmin C 0
hello all Divya K 0
Hello from a newbie (engineer) Teresa P 1
Munich Germany Liz H2 0
Another Newbie Susan L2 0
Thank you Maureen C 0
Another archaeologist in the mix... Alison A2 1
Hello! New Here. Michele B2 0
Hello all Jackie N2 4
Learning from errors Dee G 0
Journalist & Media Maven in the house! Anna L 1
Management tips? I'm all ears! Kirsty S 0
hello from midwales Marva J 0
Hello from hypnotherapist, Eileen Eileen E 0
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Lawyer E. Susan S 0
Singing for health and social change Maria S 0
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Good Afternoon! Debbie E2 0
A psychologist joining in! Angela M 2
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Hello Diane P 1
Hello from a newbie :0) Theresa F 0
Welcome! Catherine S4 33
Hello Belinda R 0
dyslexia Margaret M 0
I take off my hat to you all Lucy O 0
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Hello From Script Advice Yvonne G 0
Hello! Gina L 7
Hypnotherapist in the Room Anne M4 0
Hi all - Newbie Becky S2 0
Hello Shefaly Y 0
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hi! Krina V 0
Hello from another newbie. Elizabeth D3 0
changing profile pic Ela F 2
New in Wales Rebecca J3 0
Your advice please Emma Y 1
May day newbie Marie Marie T 0
Women's Empowerment Jude R2 0
Newbie at The Women's Room Sam B 0
Hello!! Jane E 0
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Another newbie joins the ranks Peta S2 0
Hi there! Donna A 1
Saying hi Ali W 1
Help with the site Ela F 1

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