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Forum Rules
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New Users Introduction
New to The Women's Room? Introduce yourselves here! We're very friendly!
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Improvements To The Women's Room Website
Submit and discuss your suggestions for what we could add or improve - remember, this site is for you, and we want it work how you want it to!
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General Chat
This is just for general topics that don't fit the other categories. Post here if you just want to chat about spilling your coffee down your top on your way in to work!
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MediaWatch Chat
Who's been good and who's been bad? Let us know - and don't forget to submit specific instances to our MediaWatch page!
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Expertise v Experience
What makes an expert as opposed to someone who has experience - is there a big difference? Is experience undervalued? Is there a big difference between the two or is there a certain amount of overlap? Share your thoughts here?
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Media Interview Advice
Please start threads here about what to expect from interviews and what constitutes a good and bad one! It would be great you could share your experiences to help support women who are about to have their first media experience - tell us what not to say, what to do if it's all going wrong, how to make it all go right, etc! It would also be great to have tips on staying calm in hostile debates and how not to lose your cool!
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Post Media Appearance Chat
Come here after you've had your interview to tell us how it went - we want the good, the bad and the ugly! All the gory details please - we will celebrate and commiserate!
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Workplace Issues & Ideas
Use this forum for talking about working conditions - the reality and what you wish they were like? We want to hear about things like: What is your boss like to work for? Are you an enlightened boss? What are your working conditions and hours like? Does your company provide flexible working? Are you penalised for not putting in the regular hours despite making up for it early in the morning?
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Job Application Advice
We're a crack team of amazing women - together we can make sure that none of us ever misses out on a job again!
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Career Chat & Advice
Ideas about career progression; problems you may face as a woman; successes you've had - we want to hear about them all!
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